An Egg-Cellent Adventure Rules:
1. Participants are limited to ages 12 & Under with Guardians.
Please Practice Safe Social Distancing as you Venture out.
Please be respectful to other players that you may encounter.
There will be no candy or toys in the eggs that we hide.
   Only Official JPO Tickets will be present in the eggs!
Please read all Adventure Rules here!

An Egg-cellent Adventure Overview:
This Egg-cellent Adventure is based on your traditional egg hunt except on a larger scale. We planned on doing this event earlier in the year on one specific day but in light of what is going on in the world we decided to spread it out on multiple weeks & locations. We will continue to run this contest As long as the CT State Parks remain open.  

Each week a new Hiking Location Riddle / Question will be announced on our Facebook Page. Be the first to solve it and the world of hidden eggs can be yours!

Eggs will be hidden throughout the hiking destination.  Each egg will contain "Official" JPO Tickets. Tickets will have value ranging from 1 Ticket - 5 Ticket. These tickets will be redeemable at our online Redemption Center.